BOISBUCHET FILM 1-(trans)formed Nature-mischer’traxler workshop

Set in the South of France, Domaine de Boisbuchet, in cooperation with Vitra Design Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou, CIRECA hosts a series of international summer workshops led by renowned designers, architects and artists who live and work together with the participants for a length of six to ten days.

In August 2012, DEAN HOMICKI – DESIGNER, ENTREPRENEUR, MENTOR – participated in workshops presented by (Paloma Cañizares), Tomas Kral and Mischer’traxler. These workshops where attended by thinkers, creators, designers from all over the world and alloyed cultures and people in a truly unique environment.

In this first video by, artists/designers Émilie Desnoyer and Guðrún Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir present their joint project of ‘(trans)formed Nature to the workshop participants of both Tomas Kral & mischer’traxler. Katharina Mischer & Tomas Traxler comment on this intriguing and intelligent work by Émilie Desnoyer (France) and Guðrún Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir (Iceland)

BOISBUCHET-(trans)formed Nature-mischer’traxler workshop-film by from Dean Homicki on Vimeo.

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