'Options & Solutions' by dahdah - Partition Framework - Image by

‘Options & Solutions’ by dahdah – Partition Framework – Image by


The world of design has the tendency to test, work and discard if you’re not up for the challenge. Dean Homicki knew this. That said, he felt as though he had somehow struck gold with a busy spell of work that stemmed from his line of contemporary office supply designs. Digging deeper into retail, office environments and lighting, Homicki was soon approached by several companies for interiors contracts that spanned a wide gamut of systems, design applications and even lighting designs. 


‘New approach lead to new systems’ – Options and Solutions by DAHDAH – Image by Sam Karanikos


From about 1998 to 2001, dahdah jumped into new, larger-scale projects. Beginning with the interior designs of two fashion outlet stores that included all of the racking systems, furnishings, and modular lighting systems, the work was nonstop during this busy time. In fact, after the stores were completed Homicki manufactured and assembled the signage designs for a graphic design firm and barely charged them for it. As if on fire with work, he then progressed into an large office partitioning system for a real estate company. 


As if on fire with work, Homicki then progressed into an large office partitioning system for a real estate and design companies.


This period of office developments was also marked by a new collection of lighting that he created which Homicki refers to as “experiments in fabrication of parts that can be made flat”. The lamps were highly successful even though the internet wasn’t being used much for commerce at the time. In a limited edition of 25 lamps per design with his signature on each, it is evident to him now that his confidence may have grown with the steady workflow.


‘Modular, moveable and from a flat-pak’ – ‘Options & Solutions’ by dahdah – Image by


In his new lighting designs, Homicki touches on the brand new concept of “flat-pak” designing which was probably influenced by big box companies like IKEA. As modular pieces of metal pieced together with screws, the environment and end user reap the benefits of a product that made great design accessible through easy, low-cost shipping. 


‘Nonda Lamp’ – 1 of 25 limited edition table lamps – Powder coated steal and frosted acrylic – Image Sam Karanikos


Looking back at these lighting designs now, over a decade later, Homicki notes what he calls their “lack of refineness” but, to give them credit, he recalls how “they met the market at the time and put bread and water on the table”.


'Modular Acrylic lighting towers' D+ for dahdah - Image by

‘Modular Acrylic lighting towers’ D+ for dahdah – Image by


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