‘NOW AND WHEN’ external entry sign into the Australian pavilion – Aluminium, Phosphorus powder coat – 2010 – Image David Pidgeon


In 2010 Dean Homicki collaborated with The Royal Australian Institute of Architects through a unique exhibition for the Australian Exhibition at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale.  A creative collaboration with John Gollings, Design By Pidgeon, FloodSlicer and Two4K, the exhibition sought to explore both the current conditions and possible future scenarios of Australian Urbanism. 

Day time – Lead through the trees into the Australian Pavilion – 2010 – Image David Pidgeon


Partnering with David Pidgeon from, Dean was engaged to physically render the two dimensional graphics of Pidgeon’s vision into a three dimensional signage system. “Can you make this?” recalls Dean about a phone call from David.  Dean laughs. “David is a pragmatist. Grounded in mathematics and geometric beauty. He knew that we could make. He just wanted to see if I was paying attention”

Sculpture encasing the fauna on your approach to be Australian Pavilion – 2010 – Image David Pidgeon


“3D signage, anti-slip indicator stair trims, furniture, shelving, sculpture hung and encasing tress on your approach to the pavilion; the project called for an adaptable, flexible and concealed structural system. Dean set to work immediately. 


Australia Pavilion Foyer – The ‘Cube’ concept seamlessly transformed into furniture – 2010 – Image David Pidgeon


“Pidgeon wanted to maintain the purity of type face and it’s defined line ” Challenged by converting a 2D type face into a three dimensional one, Homicki was set with designing a series of mounting mechanisms that could adjust position of each cube in maintaining the line of sight for the viewer. “It had to all be flat packed and assembled by others on-site in Venice”, says Homicki, “We devised an assembly process with design by pidgeon that integrated with the container constraints for the project”


Inside the Australian Pavilion – Bespoke formulated powder coatings became a key element to the visual experience – 2010 – Image by David Pidgeon

The success of the project was measured by its enduring succession as an unplanned travelling exhibition. “Design by Pidgeon recently informed me that the total exhibition had returned to Melbourne; in tact. From all accounts the sculptural and graphic systems work and look as good as the day they left the studio” says Homicki. ”  

Internal ‘Now’ signage – perfectly position in the viewers’ line of sight – 2010 – Image David Pidgeon

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